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VACC - Richmond Community Cycling Committee (RichBike)

This moderated list is a forum for constructive discussion of issues concerning bicycling as transportation for RichBike members and other interested individuals. The views expressed in this discussion list do not necessarily reflect the views of the RichBike.

The RichBike is a committee of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC). Further information about the VACC can be obtained at http://www.vacc.bc.ca/ or by going to bottom of this page.

The RichBike covers all concerns of cycling -- commuting, recreational, and shopping -- in Richmond and connections to the surrounding municipalities.

Some of our main concerns include:

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You may add or remove yourself from the list at your convenience. The RichBike reserves the right to remove individuals for inappropriate use.


The VACC was formed to present a clear voice for transportation cycling in the Vancouver area. The VACC is comprised of concerned cyclists from various municipalities in the Lower Mainland. We are the Lower Mainland's cycling advocates!

The VACC will represent the basic community need for sustainable and appropriate urban transportation. The objectives of the VACC will be consistent with the Liveable Region Strategic Plan and consistent with cities that have aspirations to be the model for progressive urban development in the 21st Century. A specific set of values guide the actions of the VACC.

For more on the VACC go to: http://www.vacc.bc.ca/

To become a member of the VACC and the NWCCC fill out the membership form at http://www.vcn.bc.ca/vacc/resource/join.htm.