VACC Picnic

Marion Orser <mariono@...>


Date: June 23 sunday

Time~ 4PM. and onward

 Place: River Front Park. (South of Marine Drive Elliott to Kerr on the Fraser) There is a covered area.
 Open to all our Volunteers, Members, Co-ordinators and Board members spouses, families, and significant others and?
Organisation for picnic : none
BYOD (drinks)
Bring finger food to share - better bring a plate and fork just in case.
Women bring something "main course."  Men bring dessert. Arrange to  trade with someone of the opposite sex if this is not OK.
Bring toys for games if you like
Web meeting
At some point(~5 PM) Brandon will ask those of you interested in the web page for a discussion. I will bring easel pad paper. 34"x27"
Board meeting
As above I will ask the Board members and anyone else interested to a short meeting.
Focus for everyone: What is it I would like to contribute/do  or encourage as a priority for VACC and/or cycling in the Lower Mainland?