North Rd Construction- Brunette Fraser / CVG Survey

Richard Campbell


Just saw a notice that Metro Vancouver will be doing sewer construction on North Road from Lougheed to Hume Park. This could be an ideal time to build a path from Hume Park to Lougheed to give people better access to the 

CVG along the Brunette River. 
Suspect that is currently not in the plans but as this work will take 9 months, still might be time to get them to do something. 

Another option might be a road diet reallocating a lane of traffic for a bike path on the west side. When ever I’m by there, the traffic especially to the south of highway 1 seems to be moving really fast so I suspect they really don’t need all 4 lanes. 

Also, Metro Vancouver is doing user  intercept surveys of parks and greenways. They were along the Brunette today. There is no online survey but there may be the opportunity for a HUB submission or some other engagement.