HUB Burnaby Committee Meeting - Tuesday January 8th @ 6:15PM

Simon C

You are invited to attend the HUB Burnaby Committee monthly meeting tomorrow at BCIT .  Direction below.  Join in the plan to build a better cycling community in your municipality.

Draft Agenda 

HUB Burnaby Meeting

Tuesday Jan 8th 2019

BCIT Burnaby Campus (Willingdon) SE 12, room 101Q 

6.15 – 8.30 pm 


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Review and approval of previous meeting minutes (December 11th, 2018 ) -  attached to email
  3. Financial update (Budget)
  4. 2019 Plans and Goals (Campaigns, Events, Delegations…)
  5. Quarterly Meetings with City Staff: vs letters and delegations?
  6. 2019 Roles, sub-committees, working groups (see below)
  7. Community and campaign updates (Janet Routledge support?):
      1. 20 in 20;  
      2. Willingdon Linear Park Signage
      3. Sea2River – engaging membership (eg. write & share timeline article)
      4. Gilmore (Diversion & Hwy overpass) – Translink Updates and Strategy
      5. BC Parkway (diversion in S Burnaby) & Patterson Pathway (Peter)
      6. Cyclist activated buttons at all pedestrian intersections
  8. Transportation Plan Update:
    1. Deidre contact and progress; Forums – summary to date
    2. Discussion on value of Leah meetings
  9. Meeting(s) with the Mayor & Council:
    1. Update from 23rd Nov Meeting (Ken)
    2. Plan to meet Joe Keithly and Mike Hurley
    3. Endorsing candidates for City Boards
  10. HUB:
    1. RAC report (20th Dec) – next Dec 20th;
    2. Discussion on advocacy approval process
  11. Other business

    Directions to the HUB Burnaby meeting room at BCIT. 

    The HUB Burnaby meeting is in building SE 12, room 101Q on the Burnaby campus. 

    The only way to access this building in the evening is through an external door on EAST side of SE12. 

    When you come to the EAST side of SE12 you will walk down a slight incline (ramp). 

    Look for signage that says, ‘HUB Burnaby’, on the door. 

    Follow the signage. 


    If you get lost, ask a security guard for directions to SE12 101Q. They would be happy to help

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