Action Alert: Increase bike racks on SkyTrains

Peter Stary

Hi Burnaby folks,

Please see note below and consider taking part in the survey.


From: "Andrew Picard"
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 1:21:08 PM
Subject: Action Alert: Increase bike racks on SkyTrains

Hello HUB Committees,
TransLink will be adding 200 new Expo and Millenium Line SkyTrain cars to its fleet and in doing so, is considering an increase in 'flex spaces' to benefit passengers with bicycles as well as other users.

Please show your support for more flex spaces through TransLink's very short survey here and share with your Committee members. In-person consultations are also listed through the link.

**If you have any additional feedback regarding bicycles-on-SkyTrain cars, please email me by Wednesday Jan. 23rd as we will be sending a letter of support to TransLink staff, as a follow-up to HUB's paper on improving the bike to transit experience.



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